Specialty Fencing

Specializing in Horse / Farm / Commercial Fencing

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  • chain link gate fencing
  • Decorative wooden fencing
  • Acculink Fence and Wire
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  • rolling gate
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Chaparal Fencing is experienced and able to accommodate all your special fencing needs. We have built every type of municipal, industrial, commercial, farm and residential fencing project.

Chaparal Fencing is able to supply and install :

  • Electro Braid Fences
  • Centaur - Spur & Polysale
  • Board Fences
  • Controlled Entry Gates
  • Tight Lock (wire) Fence
  • Round Pens, Gates & Corral Panels
  • Chain Link Rolling Gates
  • All types of posts -

Post Driving Available

Our 39 years of experience can be put to use for fencing repairs, fencing additions, or assisting you on a do - it yourself project.  We sell cedar posts and we are available for post driving when you need a helping hand.